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Advanced analytics make grading a snap for teachers

Powerful creation & collaboration for students

Meets Common Core standards and works with any subject

Assessment Tools & Analytics

Ignite's patent-pending Spark Analytics Engine tracks every single contribution a student makes to a project and then delivers easy to read graphs that shave hours off of grading projects.

Ignite show you stats for every student's work on every slide and for the entire project, including:

  • Text: additions, deletions, movement, edits
  • Images: additions, deletions, movement, edits
  • Video: additions, deletions, movement, edits
  • Timeline: when edits were made, overall life of project
  • Contribution: who worked on what by percentage

Text Contributions by Student

When Students Worked on the Project

Creativity & Confidence

Ignite student creativity, build confidence and promote deeper understanding.

When teachers use Ignite Teaching for Project Based Learning to express student knowledge and ideas, it leads to deeper understanding of topics and teaches students the importance of social interdependence and accountability. We empower students to create by providing a fully customizable canvas to demonstrate learning. Anyone and everyone can make an incredible and meaningful project with our platform.

Simultaneous Group Work

Students can work on the same project at their own pace, in the classroom, at home or wherever they have network access. Separate Teacher and Student accounts make it easy to keep track of progress and submissions. Ignite's patent-pending Spark Analytics Engine keeps track of who made every contribution across every project so teachers never have to guess when grading group work again.

Ignite Any Subject

Any subject can become an Ignite Teaching project.

See examples from the thousands of students already using Ignite:

Project Spotlight

Works on Any Device

Students can create and present projects right from our iPad App, Android App or on the Web using any major web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Great for schools and classrooms with "Bring Your Own Device" policies.

Simple Subscription Plans

Ignite Teaching is free for the first 30 days, no credit card required.

Try Ignite Teaching for Free

After 30 days you can continue to use Ignite Teaching but full access to analytics and organization features cost just $3 per month or $25 per year per teacher account. Best of all, we pay it forward. A percentage of profits are given to an educational charity each month.

Visit our pricing page for more info.